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Flagger Force

Web Design & Development

Award winning responsive web redesigns created for Flagger Force, a leading traffic control company in the Mid-Atlantic area. Front-end development was also provided with the build of the locations page and various CSS styling.

Strong, Bold, Hard-working

Flagger Force’s mood board included imagery, colors, and typography that helped create a look and feel that was bold and impactful. Wireframes were also created in order to establish layouts that displayed a robust amount of information in an organized and user-friendly way.

Flagger Force wireframes

Appealing to All Audiences

One of the main challenges of the Flagger Force website redesign was to mesh together important information for potential business, existing customers, and current and prospective employees. In order to accomplish this, the homepage contains spotlight boxes above the fold to appeal to each audience as well as info sections throughout the design that lead the user to the content that they need. 

flagger force spotlight boxes
Flagger Force desktop mobile screens
Flagger Force before

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