Infographic Design

Rvinyl Auto


Micrographic created for Rvinyl, a tint and auto accessories company, for use on their website. The graphic identifies the different components of a dash kit. 

components of a dash kit

Smart Touch Energy


Micrographic created with custom illustrations of heating systems for Smart Touch Energy.

Havahart Wireless


Pet care related infographics created for Havahart Wireless

The Best Ways to Train Man's Best Friend

Safer Brand


Infographics created for Safer Brand with gardening and pest control tips

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Rose

Soundproof Cow


Infographic created for Soundproof Cow, a leading online provider of soundproof & sound absorbing materials. The graphic outlines how to soundproof a nursery.

Mail Shark


Infographic created for Mail Shark outlining the different ways that direct mail still continues to deliver results.

Direct Mail Still Delivers Results

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